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For the month of December players can unlock bonus Fivestars points for playing in multiple tournaments at Universe Games. All events can qualify, including our FREE Friday Night Magic and FREE Commander tournaments.

Here's the breakdown:

1-2 events, 1 point per event (2 points total)

3-4 events, 2 points per event (6 points total)

5-6 events, 4 points per event (14 points total)

7-8+ events, 5 points per event, 24+ points total)

Points can be redeemed for:

5 points: 1 Free Booster Pack (SWD or MtG Standard)

10 points: $7.50 Gift Certificate

15 points: $12 Board Game or Accessory

20 points: 1st Year VIP Membership or Permanent VIP upgrade

35 points: 1 Free Entry to Pre-release/Premium Event ($30)

50 points: $40 Gift Certificate

150 points: 1 Free Booster Box (in Print)

Points will be tallied and distributed by 1/5/18